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Hello. First things first – some clarification: you can know me by many names: Jakub or Krzysztof or Kuba. That’s because my parents gave me as my first name Krzysztof and middle name Jakub, but from the day of my birth they’ve been calling me Jakub (or Kuba, which is a short for Jakub). That’s why in more official matters I use the name that appears first in my documents, but friends call me Jakub/Kuba.

Alright, now that we have that explained, we can move forward to more valuable information about me. I am a programmer. Or to be more exact I am a man to whom other people come with their problems and I solve them for money. Often using some kind of technology. So I could be called problem solver, but that could place me in the same line with hitmans or terapists – let’s stick with a programmer.

I’ve started somewhere in 2009 when I finished high school and decided to study computer science. For the first two years I struggled with higher education, even started to think that it was not really working out for me. I didn’t want to learn, I got used to passing each semester without any effort in high school. It took me some time to figure out that at some point in life I have to define some goals and start reaching out for them. That’s when I got my shit together and started a beautiful journey in software developement. Now I want to take it to the next level – get out of my private dungeon of coding.

I started this place to share what I learned, show what I discovered. I came a long way from simple wordpress websites, bigger projects in PHP, mobile development, ASP.NET and C++, through studies and many jobs to a more generic place where I am now. And I don’t think that’s the end of my story. Was all of it good and valuable? Probably not. But all of it made me who I am.

In this place I will talk a bit about three important things in my professional life: technical knowledge, social skills and bureaucracy skills (yep!). So sit back and relax, enjoy my story.